American insurtech firm Semsee has successfully completed a three-month pilot programme of its insurance platform for independent insurance agents and wholesalers.

More than 24 insurance agencies used Semsee during the pilot to quote Business Owners Policies (BOP), representing over $450,000 in premium, with their appointed insurance carriers.

New York-based Semsee has created a SaaS platform using robotic process automation, API connectivity and deep insurance expertise.

Using this platform, agents can gain access to more than 25% of the BOP market, including half of the top 10 carriers, across all business types across the US.

Leveraging its database of over 4,000 carrier questions, Semsee produces a single smart form based on the insured’s operations and location.

Agents receive quotes from multiple carriers once they fill this form which takes just 10-minute. This process abolishes the time-consuming, error-prone and redundant data entry typical to insurance quoting.

Semsee CEO and co-founder Philip Charles-Pierre said: “On the heels of our successful pilot, we are now accelerating the onboarding of the hundreds of agencies on our waitlist.

“Moreover, we are excited to add the many carriers in our pipeline, as well as new lines of business, such as Workers Compensation and Commercial Auto, to our platform, thereby advancing our goal of generating billions of dollars of value for the small commercial insurance industry.”

Semsee operates an independent insurance agent’s go-to platform for quoting small commercial business with their appointed carriers.

Semsee simplifies the submission process which allows agents to spend less time quoting and more time servicing clients and generating revenue.