AIR Worldwide (AIR), a US-based risk modelling and data analytics firm, has introduced its expanded inland flood model for Central Europe to include Poland in its model domain.

The updated AIR Inland Flood Model for Central Europe includes physically based rainfall-runoff modelling and hydraulic modelling of detailed river networks. It covers over 250,000km in the modelled countries.

Additionally, the model comprises in excess of 45,000 stream links and unit catchments. These catchments are located partially or entirely within Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and Switzerland.

AIR also updated the storm surge component of its coastal flood model for the UK, which is now incorporated into the AIR Extratropical Cyclone Model for Europe. As a result, it will provide a more comprehensive and consistent view of the overall risk.

The upgraded AIR Coastal Flood Model for Great Britain covers new storm surge events for the stochastic catalogue and an expanded model domain which covers all coastal areas of England and Wales.

Additionally, the storm surge peril update features detailed coastal sea defences, such as levees and sea walls and their probability of failure, and updated damage functions.

AIR Worldwide senior vice president of research Cagdas Kafali said: “The AIR Inland Flood Model for Central Europe is a fully stochastic, event-based flood model designed to support both individual risk selection and portfolio risk management.

“It covers the effects of precipitation-induced flooding to insurable properties for both on- and off-floodplain locations.

“The model captures many of the complexities inherent in the flood-generation process, such as the space-time patterns of rainfall input; the effects of a highly variable climate, topography, soil type, and other local factors that determine the amount of rainfall drained to the rivers; and the effects of snowmelt and man-made flood defences on the flood risk. It also accounts for policy conditions with each of the modelled countries.”

At present, the AIR Inland Flood Model for Central Europe and the AIR Extratropical Cyclone Model for Europe are available in the Touchstone, Touchstone Re, and CATRADER catastrophe risk management systems.