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Digital Editions

In 2017 we were delighted to introduce the new digital magazine published by Life Insurance International. Available online and tablet application, the magazine is available for free and features topical focuses on some of the key developments, trends and challenges in the life insurance sector. It also features topical though leadership by our knowledge partners. The free magazine is published quarterly and distributed to over thousands of life insurance industry players globally.

Issue 12 – January 2021

After a year full of strife for many consumers, insurance can bring much needed security. It’s time to make customers aware.

Issue 11 – November 2020

It has been a hard year for many an industry and insurance is no exception. How has the industry endured for itself and for its customers?

Issue 10 – Aug 2020

Coronavirus is still here, but so is investment in insuretech

Issue 9 – May 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many an industry and insurance is no exception. How are different sectors coping?

Issue 8 – February 2020

Insurtechs are competing for market share within the insurance space, but they are not limiting themselves to that battle. Other industries are starting to see insurtechs enter their particular arenas

Issue 7 – December 2019

It has been a breakthrough year for insurtech, but can the sector continue its momentum into the next year? What does 2020 have in store for insurtech?

Issue 6 – August 2019

In a short span of time, a number of fast-rising insurtechs have raised a lot of money and even more excitement. Is this bubble set to burst?

Issue 5 – May 2019

Can the entire insurance experience go mobile?
Consumers enjoy the human touch when purchasing experience, but will this survive in the digital age?

Issue 4 – February 2019

Drivers of all groups are becoming tired of paying extortionate premiums for car insurance. Luckily, a few firms are utilising telematics, data analytics and voice control to improve the situation.

Issue 3 – December 2018

Insurance is supposed to help out when trouble comes knocking, but what about when the worst strikes? Insurtechs such as Jumpstart and Buzzvault are stepping in to innovate and save customers.

Issue 2 – October 2018

Is Amazon set to take on the insurance sector? Rumours suggest they might be. Verdict InsurTech also looks at how drones and cryptocurrencies are helping insurers.

ISSUE 1 – JUNE 2018

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Verdict InsurTech– a digital magazine committed to providing the latest analysis, news and data on global InsurTech developments and innovation worldwide.

ISSUE 4 – February 2018

This digital edition of Life Insurance International focuses on the group protection insurance sector, which is often referred to as group risk.


This digital supplement of Life Insurance International explores the latest compliance, regulation and risk management developments affecting insurers worldwide.


In this issue: Artificial intelligence’s impact on insurance, the future for blockchain technology and insurance, cyber-security risks facing insurers, how digital life insurer Ladder is disrupting the US market, how wearable tech presents a major opportunity for insurers, and more

ISSUE 1 – MAY 2017

In this edition we profile 15 of the hottest European InsurTech innovations shaking up the insurance market. We also highlight key insights from the inaugural Life Insurance International Innovation Forum and the Winners of the LII Innovation Awards.

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