Pentation Analytics is an Insurtech company focused on providing predictive analytics and Big Data solutions. With the integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and Big Data analytics, the company has launched its one-of-a-kind Insurance Analytics Suite for insurance selling organisations.

Pentation Analytics has also worked on Big Data Consulting and Implementation projects for some of the leading organisations in the BFSI space. While Pentation offers solutions in Big Data and Analytics, Insurance Analytics is the primary vehicle for the organisation.

The company was founded by seasoned professionals with a background in financial services and technology, and offers cutting-edge predictive analytical solutions in insurance, banking, financial services, capital markets and payments industries.

Pentation Analytics is guided by its Vision ‘Analytics for all’. The aim is to develop  industry-sweeping, predictive analytics applications using data from existing transaction systems, processes, and practices for the enterprise. Predictive analytics applications are focused on business activation and risk management cases in the BFSI sector.

The emphasis is on global use cases in the core business functions of clients, which enhance customer retention, customer quality, and customer lifetime value. The business model comprises a predictive analytics product suite supplemented by Big Data technology.

Data volumes handled by Pentation Analytics:

Industry Transaction Records
Insurance 100 million
Banking/NBFCs (Loans) 450 million
Payments 20 million
Capital Market Two billion

Pentation Analytics offers following core strength areas:

  • Deep domain expertise on financial services:

The team brings cutting-edge technologies delivered with experience and domain knowledge

  • Data management knowhow including machine data:

Skilled in Big Data technology and data sciences, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning, leveraged to create proprietary algorithms

  • Advance predictive analytics and Big Data technologies:

Help in providing specialised Big Data analytics solutions aimed at immediate business gains

  • Innovative analytics products: To combine the growing importance of both Insurance Loyalty and ready to use analytics products, Pentation Analytics came up with Insurance Analytics Suite: a solution typical to the insurance industry, using the latest in technology and analytics

Pentation’s offerings

Featured Product: Insurance Analytics Suite

We have taken an evolutionary path and created Insurance Analytics Suite for the insurance industry. Insurance Analytics Suite is an innovative predictive analytics product, which integrates into the core business function of retention.

A single platform for all policy data: structured and unstructured, enables end-to-end solutions for insurers. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business intelligence, the Insurance Analytics Suite helps create instant growth for insurance selling organisations.

Insurance Analytics Suite offers predictive analytics solutions to increase retention, optimise claims and cross-selling efforts across multiple products and channels. The product leverages specialised methods and tools to generate intelligent insights that drive business innovation.

While most insurance technology solution providers focus on one or two aspects of the insurance values chain, the solution developed by Pentation Analytics has the capability to provide analytical insights across the complete insurance value chain.

The modular product is ready to deploy (on-premise or on-Cloud) and provides subscription-based revenues, providing an instant growth for insurance selling organisations.

Insurance Analytics Suite is a global use case.


Banking analytics

Offerings for the banking sector have expanded from Big Data implementation to predictive applications, which include loan analytics and card analytics.

Pentation Analytics has also created an innovative application for log analytics with predictive models and correlators for all applications online and in mobile banking. 

Capital markets

Reactivate an inactive customer or deepen existing relationships through predictive analytics, and customer performance tracking

Big Data platform implementation

Pentation Analytics has been helping BFSI organisations create an analytics-ready data environment through Big Data platform implementation services, which have helped  develop proprietary analytical products.

The company is seeing more expansion, growth, and excitement in terms of both market and offerings. While its solutions have been delivering value in some of the largest players in India, Pentation Analytics has expanded to an international scale. Key focus areas include the US, Singapore, Dubai, and London.

Management team

Part of a new generation of analytics, Pentation’s management team comprises an eclectic mix of business, data sciences, and technology. Anirban Roy, founder, director, and CEO, a management graduate from IIM, Lucknow, has 20 years of experience, largely in retail insurance. Kamal Kishore Das, founder, director, and COO, is alumni of IIM, Calcutta and IIT, Kharagpur. He has 18 years of experience in analytics, financial services, and supply chain.

Dr Pameet Singh heads the data sciences team. He holds a PhD from University of Maryland, Washington DC and is an IIT Kharagpur graduate. Pameet holds two US patents, and has more than 14 years of experience in analytics.

The stated principle of ‘Business First’ for the clients, is not just a philosophy, it runs throughout the organisation.